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Brainbuster Virtual Quiz!!!

Brainbuster Quiz launches a new way of hosting quiz nights.

This weekly virtual quiz format is available to all commercial venues and runs for approximately 90 Minutes.

Simply run the video files and let the crowd participate.

The Brainbuster Virtual Quiz is recorded in a professional recording studio weekly and submitted to venues via a downloadable Dropbox link every Monday.

Venue's will also receive a Master Copy of the quiz and a printable pdf file of the answer sheets to distribute to customers.

The Brainbuster Quiz is presented in 2 parts and consists of General Knowledge questions and other fun categories such as a Picure Round, True or False, Dead or Alive, Music Round and categories based around television quiz shows such as Blockbusters, Family Fortunes & Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Venue's can choose how to let your customers participate, either by charging a fee to play or allowing them to play for free.

What Each Venue Will Receive
Each week all participating venue's will receive the following via a Dropbox download link

3 x Video files in mp4 format
Parts one and two are the questions for the main quiz and part three is the answer section.

1 x Master Sheet in pdf format
This consists of the entire quiz (both questions and answers).

1 x Answer sheet in pdf format
This can be printed as many times as needed and distributed to playing customers.

1 x Advertising Artwork in jpeg format.
This artwork can be edited and printed to be displayed as posters within venue's or used to promote the quiz on social media pages.

What Each Venue Will Need

All that is required to host the Brainbuster Virtual Quiz is an in-house TV and sound system capable of playing mp4 files and somebody to collect and mark the answer sheets and announce the team winners at the end of the quiz.

A way to save time when it comes to marking is to get teams to swap papers and have them mark each other’s answers.

The Cost

There is a VERY modest monthly fee which goes towards the production costs of making and distributing the quiz.

Please click the Play Now link at the top of the page to see a demo of what you can expect on a weekly basis from Brainbuster Quiz.

If you have any enquiries or questions please don’t hesitate to contact or use the contact form below

Thanks for getting in touch. Somebody will contact you soon.

brainbuster 2020 logo (Small).png
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